Valid from 1 November 2016

Dancing Finland is a project coordinated by Dance Info Finland (business ID 0720824-2). Dance Challenge tuition can be purchased by individuals of legal age, as well as companies, associations etc. Dance tuition is exempt from VAT. We retain the right to make changes to prices.

Dance tuition is primarily ordered through the website. Tuition can also be ordered by email or phone.

Receipt of the order is confirmed automatically, by email. Receipt of the order confirmation requires provision of an email address when ordering. The order recipient will, after this, contact the orderer and confirm the order price and any practical matters relating to the tuition. The customer is bound by the valid terms of delivery for each order.

Dance Challenge tuition is paid for upon receipt of an invoice. The sender of the invoice will be the regional dance centre for the area, to which the order has been forwarded and where the tuition will take place. The orderer and order recipient will agree, in connection with the order confirmation, whether the Dance Challenge tuition will be invoiced in advance or immediately following the tuition.

Delivery period
The order recipient will confirm the time and date of the Dance Challenge tuition to the orderer. If the tuition cannot be organised at a time suitable for the orderer, as indicated when ordering, attempts will be made to agree on another time suitable for the orderer.

Cancellation and force majeure
If the orderer cancels the order less than five (5) days before the tuition is due to take place, they will be charged 50% of the agreed price for the tuition.

Dance Challenge tuition is provided with a force majeure reservation. Dancing Finland shall not be responsible for any delays or damages that may result from factors beyond its control, which could not reasonably have been foreseen or which have unavoidable consequences. If the tuition cannot be provided at the time and date agreed in advance, the parties shall, in the first instance, attempt to agree upon a new time and date. If this is not possible, any sums paid in advance shall be returned to the orderer. Any other costs will not be refunded.

Problem situations
In problem situations the order must contact the order recipient within a reasonable timeframe. Attempts should be made to resolve any potential disputes in the first instance by negotiations between the parties.