Dance Info Finland has challenged everyone to dance in honour of the centenary of Finland’s independence. Ordinary people in various organisations and working communities, schools and leisure activities have taken part in the Dance Challenge.

In just over half a year the Dancing Finland campaign has already reached 1.5 million people!

According to the feedback from the participants, getting involved in the dance increases self-esteem and brings joy to people.

Meaningful participatory art experiences

“The employees felt the working community grew closer and the atmosphere improved thanks to the dance moment,” tells Heikki Arikka, the rector of a Helsinki church who participated and got lots of reactions to their dance video in Youtube.

Dancing Finland challenge can be related to projects that provide meaningful participatory art experiences and support personal creativity and social engagement of people of all ages.

In Ohio (US), Fairport Harbour Finnish Heritage Museum made use of the Dancing Finland campaign in their pilot program which encourages older adults to explore their physical creative sides. The project culminated in the creation of a dance video where the dancers move in and around the Museum.

Several Finnish Embassies have taken the challenge and shared their videos in Youtube, among others the Embassy of Finland in Canberra with their Kangaroo ballet, Embajada de Finlandia Buenos Aires, the Representation of Finland to the EU and the Embassy in Brussels. Embassy of Finland Washington DC challenged all Finnish Americans and friends of Finland.

Santa Claus and streetdance rhythms

Even Finland’s official Santa Claus and his elves – on vacation somewhere in Lapland – dance to the campaign’s streetdance choreography by Akim Bakhtaoui.

In July, the Europeade 2017, an international folk music and dance event in Turku, Finland gathered thousands of people together to dance to one of the campaign choreographies, a couple dance. We are proud to announce that there was a world record of the Finnish ‘humppa’ made with 20,181 dancers simultaneously!


Join the Finland 100 years celebrations and spread the joy of dance!

It’s easy:

  • Choose a dance you like – there are six alternatives that apply to all levels: ballet, contemporary dance, couple dance, “own free dance”, showdance and streetdance. See the videos here
  • Learn  – from a tuition video or with a specialized teacher.
  • Dance together with your team, friends, family, workmates…
  • Document your dancing on a video / photography, share it to social media, and challenge who ever you think would need a bit of joy of dance!


The Dancing Finland campaign is created and coordinated by Dance Info Finland, and it will continue until the end of 2017.
The campaign is included in the Finland 100 official centenary programme.