At last the news has been made public: Santa Claus and his elves have taken part in the Dance Challenge at their home on Korvatunturi fell! Reportedly they chose to tackle street dance at the elves’ request.


‘The elves felt that the mischievous nature of the campaign’s street dance choreography and the chance to fool around were ideal for this old, white-bearded fellow!’ states Santa, explaining the reasons behind the choice.


Thanks to the Dancing Finland campaign, Santa Claus had the opportunity to try out street dance for the first time. ‘I’ve enjoyed slightly more traditional forms of dance for many years – I have fond memories of the dances of the baroque period, for example.’ Santa Claus reveals, offering an insight into his dance background, before continuing: ‘With our Dance Challenge video I’d like to invite all kids, children and young people who love summer and ice cream to get dancing!’

Dancing Finland – Koko Suomi tanssii – Joulupukin Kammari

Santa and the elves took part to #dancechallenge Do you recognise the places we danced in #Rovaniemi ?Sunny summer days in the Arctic Circle with groovy moves!#tanssihaaste #suomitanssii #KokoSuomiTanssii #DancingFinland

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The Dance Challenge came via Twitter


The Dancing Finland campaign team are constantly on the lookout for new groups and people to bring the Dance Challenge to next.


The idea of the most famous Finn in the world dancing in honour of the country’s centenary felt natural – after all, there are few Finns who have been fortunate enough to witness all 100 years of their homeland’s history. Despite our efforts, Dance Info Finland’s contact list did not include Santa Claus’s contact details, so we decided to contact him by more modern means – Twitter. The delight was palpable in the office when Santa Claus liked the tweet the same day.


We continued discussions with Santa Claus’s secretary elf by email, and because of the summer plans on Korvatunturi fell, it was decided that the dance challenge video would be released in June, just before Midsummer.


Speedy meeting in Rovaniemi


In May, a Moves event was held in Rovaniemi, giving Anni, the campaign’s communications officer, the opportunity to meet Santa Claus. Dancer Helmi Järvensivu from Rovaniemi-based Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi headed to the Artic Circle, where Santa’s workshop is. Whilst taking a group photo there was time to exchange news and a few snatched whispers about the upcoming Dance Challenge video. Santa praised the active dance scene in Rovaniemi and mentioned more about his visit to the opening ceremony of the Moves event the previous day.

Who will take on the challenge next?


Thanks to Santa Claus and the elves taking part, the campaign is a few dance steps closer to reaching the goal of getting all of Finland dancing in 2017. Who would you like to see dancing? No idea or thought is too crazy, challenge others or send us tips of people/companies/other groups and we’ll challenge them! You can send ideas to


The Dancing Finland campaign and Dance Info Finland would like to thank Santa Claus, the elves, and Visit Rovaniemi for taking a twirl into the world of dance. Perhaps next Christmas we’ll see Santa himself dancing around the tree?


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