You can now order Dance Challenge tuition to be carried out at your home or school, or even with a hobby or work community. Tuition can also be given as a gift.

As Dance Challenge teacher Arto Petjala explains, Dance Challenge tuition is suitable for all:

“Dance tuition can invigorate all kinds of peoples’ days. In particular I would like to encourage rehabilitation facilities, service houses for the elderly, foster homes and youth centres to get involved. Each new person involved is a big deal, after all.”

Dance Challenge teacher Jutta Wrangen would like to tempt work communities to get involved:

“At work you work together but you rarely get the opportunity to loosen up together. Dance tuition can be a way to relax and loosen up for a little while, as well as boosting the group spirit. Another aim could be to get in shape together.”

Wrangen would like use the Dance Challenge to urge people to try dance:

“How you dance isn’t important. All that matters is that you’re willing to try something new. When you get moving you’ll find your own way to move. We don’t all have to dance in the same way.”

So what does the tuition offer?

According to Petjala and Wrangen, the most important thing is spreading the good feeling and the joy of dance – with that in place the movements will start to flow almost without you noticing.

Petjala explains that he experienced the joy of dance spreading in a unique way when teaching and judging wheelchair dancing:

‘The atmosphere on that dance floor is often quite unbelievable. It would be great if the Dance Challenge could encourage new enthusiasts to take up wheelchair dancing, for example. The movements can be adapted to suit anyone.’

Dance Challenge tuition can be ordered or gifted through the website. You can also find out more about the Dance Challenge teachers – all 100 of them, spread all around the country – on the website.

Dancing Finland kicks off with the Dance Challenge on 6 January 2017, when six different dances will be released. You can teach yourself the dance of your choice using the videos on the website, or you can book a Dance Challenge teacher to guide you.