Trash Heroes_400px_ver2Trash Heroes cruises around summery Finland with their bikes and invites Finns to dance. Good practice for next year’s Dancing Finland campaign which aim is to get every Finn dancing.

Trash Heroes is an artistic initiative for a better city by performing and dance artists Antti Lahti and Panu Varstala.

”If there were more dance in the world, there would be fewer wars,” Varstala believes. Varstala is also one of the Dance Challenge choreographers.

Partake in Trash Heroes:

1. Cruise with your bike
2. Stop and clean the surroundings so that it’s more convenient to dance
3. Dance in your own way
4. Take a photo or video about your dance and upload it to social media. Use hastags #dancingfinland, #suomitanssii and #trasheroes
5. Invite someone you know to dance by tagging him or her in the photo or video
6. Change the location and repeat

While doing this, you can listen to your favourite music, sing with a friend or dance in silence.

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